What to Expect at Your Appointment

1. A complete history of your health

I will ask questions about your current and past health.

  • your current problem
  • general health issues
  • previous accidents, medical treatments
  • medications

2. A physical examination which may involve standing, sitting and lying down

  • posture
  • mobility of joints
  • gait
  • palpation of tissues

Therefore, you will be asked to wear loose clothing or underwear. (tank and loose shorts or yoga pants...no bulky seams or zippers)

3. Treatment

  • may involve soft tissue, visceral or articular manipulation as well as cranial osteopathy. Generally I explain what I am working on and why, as I am treating.

  • you may be asked to participate in some of the techniques by breathing or moving a certain way.

4. Conclusion and further explanations as well as ideas for stretches, exercises or other recommendations

Generally the first 48 hours after treatment you may experience increased pain or other symptoms, but these should subside quickly. if they do not, please contact me.

The number of treatments varies depending on the person and the reason for treatment. There should be improvement after 3 - 5 treatments or another treatment modality may be recommended.